Nutrigenetic Observational Study Published on Journal of Translational Medicine

October 17, 2016
Anthocyanin and cardiovascular risk: a nutrigenomic study about the interaction between polyphenols intake and PON1 gene variants on markers of cardiovascular disease.
This article, published on the Journal of Translational Medicine, shows the results of the study conducted by researchers of the University of Milan, including Daniele Cusi, Laura Soldati and Cristina Barlassina (within Sanipedia as advisors or project leaders), during the Athena European Project (AnThocyanin and polyphenols bioactive for Health Enhancement through Nutritional Advancement).
The study was about the efficacy of red fruits’ anthocyanin in the protection of cardiovascular risk.
The results and findings obtained from the Athena project represent the starting point of the ePhood Project.
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